lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

English HW August 29th-September 2nd.

Hello everybody!
Please check out the HW for this week.

1° A- You need to finish page 10 from your student´s book , exercises 8a and 8b for tomorrow. (Tuesday)

1°B - Don´t forget you need to create a collage that describes you: your likes, dislikes, fears, etc. for tomorrow (Tuesday)

For both groups (A and B) If you haven´t done the vocabulary section, or if it is incomplete, it is very important for you to finish it, otherwise you will get a ZERO and remember it is one point of your final grade! Remember it was supposed to be done last friday, so please don´t waste any time!

For the proyect for your exam you need to create a Comic. Be sure you are using some of these topics:

  • Present simple

  • Modal verb Can

  • So do I, neither do I.

  • Question words

  • Subject and Object pronouns.

  • Would/Wouldn´t like to.

All of these topics are in your Student´s Book Units 1-2.

The proyect is due on September 20th (Tuesday). Remember I´ll grade : * the creativity,* the correct use of grammar and punctuality.

For Friday answer page 48 in the New Plus Book!

Thanks°! Miss Erika.