miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012


For tomorrow:

Don´t forget the material you need to make your puppet and the scenario

you will use in the making of your video.

This is for Friday the 13th.


Questionnaire #2 Reading 1

31.- What is part of the problem of the orangutans?

32.- It takes care of 400 habitats:

33.- The expression "was chosen as our national symbol" refers to?

34.- "Foster parents" are? (Explain)

35.- What happens to the first thing a baby bird sees?

36.- When the "Endangered Species Act" became a law?

37.- Is a distant cousin to the elephant:

38.- What died in 1989?

39.- Make a briefing of the reading and tell if you like it or not and why.


40.- "Make A Commercial"

Skim "And Now The Good News" to find information about the manatee or

another endangered animal. Chose one and write a commercial sponsoring it.

In the commercial, include two ways to help the animal.

Deliver date: Wednesday the 18th.

Deliver format: Video-File (.mpeg .mov .wmm, etc).

Extension: Minimum 60 Sec, Maximum: 1min.